Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lisa and Elizabeth's Excellent Adventure/Long Island

In the early 1950's the artist  James Lewicki decided to build a house on the north shore of Long Island. I've written about him before. Anyway, his daughter Lisa and I have the house in Centerport in common...not to mention the woods.
Yesterday Lisa said that there was a new trail in the woods surveyed (sort of) by the Boy Scouts.

We set off behind the Suydam House all neatly painted and tended....

into the woods

where we discovered tree-strangling vines

ferns, dead leaves

vines as thick as a python strangling you


a lovely bed of lily of the valley (was there a cottage here once?)

and signs of a bulldozer.

Then we came upon a gorge with mud and sticks and all the sorts of things you would expect

and branches fallen, and no way to get across.

The stream led from Greenlawn to the twin ponds but in all our combined years living there we'd never forded it.

How deep was the mud? How steep the banks? No boots of course but cameras and bags.

We decide to clamber over it anyway

and eventually come to the pond.

to be continued


  1. Elizabeth, this was the most excellent adventure, ever. And from you, like seeing it through new eyes !

  2. Glad it is being cotinued - I am eager for the next installment.

  3. A gripping yarn with a well-woven cliff-hanger at the end! I do love that last photo in particular.Quite a magical realm within.

  4. Growing up back east, Lilly f the Valley was a harbinger of spring! Haven't seen or thought of them since the last century. Oh thank you


  5. BEAUTIFUL!!,! I want to live there. X janelle

  6. Don't keep us waiting too long Elizabeth, I do enjoy an excellent adventure!!

  7. If you go into the woods today...you might not see the teddy bears, but you might just see something rather magical.

    Your photos are so beautiful, Elizabeth. I'm looking forward to seeing what happened next.


  8. What a fun expotition! Pooh and Piglet would be proud.

  9. Unbeliebable, that you have such a great vegatation there. It's important to breath fresh air and see the green of the nature for our soul!
    Love, Ines

  10. What a beautiful house. Very strange to see you out of the city Elizabeth! Look forward to seeing the next installment...

  11. Thanks for the walk in the woods - so springlike! I love the Lilly of the Valley.

  12. An excellent adventure, so far! Can't wait to read the rest. :-D

  13. love the color in that last photo (and lilies of the valley! i haven't seen those since i was a child.)

  14. What a beautiful house. I have been looking at your link to James's paintings. They remind me of Ravilious who is having something of a revival here.

  15. Gosh I have never seen vines like that. Really do look like snakes.

    In admiring the first picture I realised that it is the light that enhances it so much.


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