Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fun with Food

My cell phone died yesterday, so I had to walk down to the Apple store via Chelsea Market where they have super photo shows.

The current one is winner. Funny Food breakfasts by the jazz musician Bill Wurtzel. I bought the book for my grandchildren --well, for me. I intend to start making food art. (Do you remember mashed potato mountains?)

Then I went down to Sarabeth's to gaze at the cookies

and macaroons

and cakes

and more cookies

and so on

and so on.

I love to look into their kitchen.


  1. I love this all especially the first photo and the Palmier one of my favorite cookies right behind my Mum Date cookies and Lemon Bars.
    I never did anything as cute as the first photo but if I made a simple sandwich like toasted cheese or toasted peanut butter.... I would cut them up into several different sizes, like a puzzle and they would get to reassemble it before eating.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. The crucial question is, "Did you buy and eat a cookie?"

  3. The macaroons look totally scrummy. I can't believe i've never been to Sarabeth's I need to check it out asap!

  4. You are making me hungry and I just finished dinner!

  5. Elizabeth, I am sorry to hear about your phone...hoping that the Apple folks were able to sort it all out for you.

    Meanwhile...photogenic food sounds like great fun.

    Those Sarabeth baked goodies look delicious.

    When, oh when are we actually going to have some true spring warmth? I can here the wind whistling away as it type this tonight.


  6. No, it's not did you buy and eat a cookie, it's how many cookies did you eat?

  7. Joe and Willow:

    I ate a cheese straw --not pictured here -- and bought a mini cheese cake and a mini lemon merengue pie...

  8. I'd like to be in the kitchen thank you. This is when I regret living in the sticks!

  9. it all looks so yummy! thank you for sharing.

  10. Yum, yum, yum! Now, I'm hungry. :-)

    Looking forward to your food art.

  11. Ooo...those macaroons... Although a sample of each would be very OK. ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

  12. Those macaroons made my mouth seriously water. Delish.


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