Thursday, June 14, 2012


A collection of odds and ends today. I think it would be rather fun to play in a sea of newly poured concrete. Here outside London Terrace. 

June is really not prime fur coat weather. Here on a side street near Penn Station.

Taken from the High Line near 26th Street. Kobra (and his minions) are painting a psychedelic rendition of the iconic end-of-WW2 photo.

The Morgan Library at lunch time. We sit near two women in Hamburglar costumes. Similar but not exactly alike. Did they plan this? Are they sisters? A mystery. I recommend the current Winston Churchill exhibition. What vivid precise language he used. How appalling (and typically English) his school reports were.

More lunch time. This time at Ground Zero.


  1. Thanks for making me laugh about the Hamburgler twins. The Hamburgler isn't a character we hear much about anymore.

  2. The two ladies in horizontal stripes - too much of a coincidence. They must have planned it.

  3. Wet cement has always been very inviting to me and I think everyone.
    I think the black and white strips ladies, maybe a favorite tee for a hot day ? I think they met up for for lunch and now a giggle id added.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Nice little set of photos of your world. The giant painting of the WW2 photo is amazing and even more interesting to see it under construction.

    We went to see The Avengers and once again saw Manhattan as the center of world destruction. Makes me wonder how MANY disaster movies use The Big Apple as their set. It's become a joke to see the good guy v.s. bad guy trashing the city with the Chrysler Building in the background.

  5. I trust the guy with the concrete knows exactly the setting time for said substance - otherwise he could lose a boot - and hopefully not a foot!

    I too really like the amazing WW2 photo recreation. Great pic!

  6. So very good to see you today, Elizabeth.

    I promise you an email so that we can plan a dual photo op.


  7. As always, a wonderful mix day, Elizabeth! I have to say, I LOVE this psychedelic rendition on that so well-knowns WW2 photo image--very fresh & fun! :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

  8. The two ladies, was it some kind of worky uniform I wonder? Twins?

    A lovely mix of pics.

  9. Churchill probably never said "uh" or Ummm"...Love your photos! All of them!

  10. A wonderful collection of odd takes on people and activities in NYC. Eliazabeth.

  11. Hiya

    Just to let you know that I have given you the Sunshine Blogger Award!

    Please pop over to my award to pick it up!


  12. Hi Elizabeth, this made me smile as i remembered my very first visit to NYC. I thought I would take a short cut , only to be met by a very irate man shouting "Lady, don't walk there! You guessed it- wet cement!
    I love the way he called me a lady though....

  13. such Fine Entertainment
    i get
    from strolling
    with you, elizabeth!

    your eye for
    spotting the good stuff
    is Spot On !


  14. Hope he was fast and did not get stuck in the concrete!


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