Sunday, April 29, 2012

8th Avenue Street Fair

Always such fun when they block off the road and you get to walk down the middle of it.

The usual selection of not-very-interesting knock-off sheets and socks and sunglasses, but I always like the orchids. The woman on the extreme right (the hand)is holding a Japanese maple seedling which will make a most splendid tree.

The star of the street fair was MisterGoodstuff selling mixes of dance music.

His banner said SEXY SOUL OLDIES.

Want to know how to do the Wiggle?

Just follow along....

you'll soon get the hang of it.

 Here's one of the contestants in the talent contest.

Got Gretchen a dancing monkey outfit from  Agi whose crocheted creatures I've admired for ages.

Saw two fuzzy things that may well be dogs......

Observed the tigers and dogs and all sorts of other cool stuff you can win.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! and you have some sunshine too - it is torrential rain again today, its only 4.30 in the afternoon but I already have the lamps on and the candles lit!!


  2. As usual, I so enjoyed my walk with you, especially learning to dance sexy and the 2 "dogs".

  3. You're right. Getting the opportunity to walk down a city street without dodging traffic feels so fun.

    Add the colors sounds and smells of a street fair and it is a guaranteed party. Yours looks like super fun.

    I especially like the dancing.

  4. I do like the look of that street fair. Today, I mostly stayed indoors, getting caught up with folks via email and phone calls, and ... also baking cupcakes!

    Yesterday, I walked through the Union Sq. farmers market and said hello to the lady with the headscarf from whom I purchased my little money tree jade plant, letting her know it was thriving.

    She seemed so happy with my report. Sometimes our big city can be a small town.


  5. I always like the orchids, too. Looks like Gretchen got a cute outfit! ;-)

  6. Hah, how fun. I really like the dancing!

  7. Street fairs are always interesting. Did you buy something?

  8. It's fun I guess.. I'm glad to know that you enjoy the walk xoxo :)


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