Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Elements of Paradise

Man's first occupation was gardening

though I'm not sure Adam was very good at it. However, he was jolly sorry
 when he got chucked out of it: see Masaccio's pic in the Brancacci Chapel. But I digress.....

Wisley in June on a lovely sunny day when the dogwood was splendid.

Water everywhere......dripping....

bearing lilies

being gazed into.....

or sat beside.

Throngs mill in the rose garden and seem to circle and circle (think Dante)



  1. beautiful Elizabeth. it is true what you say and so well put!

  2. Wow, this garden is beautiful!
    Very nice photos!
    I think man's first occupation was hunting :)

  3. The 'Englishness' of these beautiful scenes is delicious to the eye. As i no longer live there, I do love to gaze on the delicacy of colour and the abundance in an herbaceous border.

    And the hats are fantastic!!

  4. So over the top gorgeous! Love the little curly haired girl peering into the water! So dear, all of them.

  5. Wisley is one of my "must see" places, as indeed most of the RHS gardens are. I also love Kew.

  6. Beautiful gardens, remind of the rose gardens in Tyler, Texas.

  7. Splendid is a perfect word for such gardens and gardening.

  8. "Oh!" is right! What beauty and color and, I can only imagine, fragrance! Not to mention the soothing sound of water...sigh!

  9. I am so enjoying your posts and photos of England!

  10. Paradise it is! Really, I feel like flying to this heaven.

  11. It’s a simple but inspiring blog. I learn't a lot from it. The main thing is simplicity and purity in these places. Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. Beautiful, thanks. We need to go back to Wisley sometime.

    Looks like you are having a great trip and being kept busy. Don't suppose you are coming this way this time.


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