Friday, May 20, 2011

Wet Indeed

Like lots of other parts of the country

we have had a great deal of rain. So much rain that all the raincoats and jackets are soaked

and my welly boots have sprung a leak. These photos were taken from the M4 bus

going down 5th Avenue by Central Park on Wednesday afternoon. 
They were taken on my phone since I know from experience that
 getting a camera wet is not a terrifically good idea.

But you get the general idea

I think. More rain forecast today!


  1. What wonderful rainy day photos ... just right for splashing in wellington boots!

  2. Rain rain sad to hear.
    Why is not raining at night? And day be sunshine everywhere! :)
    Here is +28 and sunny with some clouds.
    Have a nice weekend (without rain)!

  3. Did you know Apple has a way of determining if your iPhone got wet? Ask me how I know.... :( Fortunately, dh was able to get me a replacement.

    My water bottle dripped condensation on the phone nestled in the cigarette lighter pocket in my car. Now I know better!

    MD has had rain rain rain, on and off all day and night this week too.

  4. UGH. Too much rain!

    I used to have to come home and wash my feet in the bathtub after walking in the summer rain in NYC. It stirs up the nastiest stuff in the world.

    Luckily, the beauty of the city and Central Park after the sun comes out makes it all worthwhile.

    New wellies...YAY!

  5. Love the clear sharp raindrops and wet blurry people... I got a slight chill just looking at these photos...

    Please send some of your rain out our way. We need it !

    cheers, parsnip

  6. My garden is desperate for rain here and there's no sign of any to come soon.

  7. Your phone takes nice photos. Sorry about the abundance of wet weather. Too bad we can't send a little of it to places that are so parched.

  8. The photos are great, they really capture the feel of a rainy city.

  9. Ah, dear - we, in Norway have actually nice weather since april. We are comming in october and do hope for splendid autumn in NY. As you show on your other shots!

  10. I was in NY last week for my cousin's wedding. Thank god the weather was sunny and bright. The wet weather came on by Sunday, and by then we were on our way home.

    Nice pics...

  11. As I write this now, it's raining hard outside in this part of the world too. Rainy day photos like these are fascinating.

  12. It's very strange - on your side of the Atlantic you seem to have got the rain for our side of the Atlantic. Could you send it our way please, we're all sick of having to water everything ALL the time!! Love your blog BTW!

  13. You certainly know how to get great pictures. Do wish we could have some substantial rain. Everything parched here in the south east.

  14. Photos are really cool... Love the rain... This is the first time to read a post from the bottom to the top. Your photos attracts my eyes and heart. I see it many times. I hope to keep communicating even after this journey ends..


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