Friday, February 5, 2010

Thursday on 22nd Street

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Bars on a window. 22nd Street

A poster hiding behind a metal fence.

Somehow the posters were all put up wobbly and not flattened out.

For some reason, I liked the color of the reflections in the car.


  1. Hi you,
    sound the weather is a bit better in your part of the world lol. Here we had lots of snow the last few days and now it is all grey and raining - urrrgh just awfull. Therefore it is very relaxing to visit you for a latte ... have a great weekend Hugs Myriam

  2. Nice pics,have a wonderful week-end....Barb

  3. hi elizabeth - i scrolled down so that i could only see the reflections in the car. that would make a really sweet enlargement!!! very nic pics. enjoy the snow!! steven

  4. The sun is shining on you! That's a good sign- wonderful city-ish shots and shadows. The cars here are rarely that shiny- must have something to do with rain and sea water...anyway, nice reflection there!

  5. It is a strong and evocative image. I love the ancient scroll design of the wrought iron. Reminds me of Louis K. Sullivan and the first skyscraper with intricate wrought iron design of the late 1800's. Funny I saw a ghost like image behind the scroll; ghosts of the past remain everywhere!

  6. Ohhhh I just have to make some Swedish footsteps behind me.

    Your blog is fantastic, me like like!

    Agneta, a swedish one o;)

  7. i heard that the most common street name in the US is the 2nd Street. NYC should be made the art capital of the world Elizabeth not Paris. Art and artists of all kinds everywhere. i believe NYC is a separate country. i am puzzled by the last picture Elizabeth, beautiful,you say its a car, strange looking.
    Hi Elizabeth. Hope your health and weather are fine.

  8. But is it still below freezing there? We could barely walk around on 30 Jan as it was soooo cold.

  9. Wobbly posters happen when the glue shrinks.

  10. wobbly posters happen when the glue shrinks.

  11. Reflections have a tendency to mesmerize.

  12. The last one is like a work of a painter! Super!

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